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If you are not testing ~ you are guessing


Professional nutrition services determine
your personal health profile and
nutritional baseline

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Nutritional Testing

Nutrition Testing determines your actual nutrient needs without the guesswork or even so-called expert opinions. Would you add oil to your car without checking the dipstick? Why take vitamins without first knowing your body's specific nutrient needs? Because any single test has its strengths and weaknesses (which nutrients it's accurate for and which it's not), it is wise to use a combination of different test indicators for the most well rounded accurate assessment of your individual needs.


Although taking a certain supplement may, on one hand, make you feel better, it can at the same time be causing unseen problems such as body chemistry imbalance and nutrient interference. For example, Calcium may relieve a persons night time leg cramps. However, a hair tissue mineral test reveals that excess calcium is being deposited into their joints. This person then unknowingly contributes to arthritis by the excess accumulation, and to osteoporosis because the calcium is misdirected away from the bone. This can also cause further imbalance in Magnesium and other related minerals, perhaps contributing to cardiovascular or other diseases that individuals may be prone to. A proper selection of individually tailored nutrition tests insures that what you take is what you get where you need it, and that it has an overall healthful effect, both immediately and well into the future for long-term overall nutritional balance. 



Body clues to your nutritional status -
Sampler of a Nutrition Physical Examination
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  • The tongue reveals folic acid and B-12 deficiencies, more accurately than a blood test

  • Cracks in the corners of the mouth indicate low levels of another B vitamin.

  • "Pitting" edema may involve low levels of Vitamin B6 and electrolyte imbalance

  • The Skin Pinch Test tells about manganese, electrolyte and water balance.

  • Fingernail ridges reflect mineral status balance and enzyme insufficiency.

  • The skin, especially elbows and knees, uncovers essential Omega-3 oil needs.


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We offer comprehensive professional nutrition counseling and testing services to establish your personal health profile. Customized nutrition insures that you use the safest and most effective functional foods & natural remedies tailored to your individual needs.










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