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Think you can't afford personalized professional nutrition services?   Think again


Introducing small group nutrition consultation
The economical, still personal, option to 1 on 1 private consultation
with functional medicine clinical nutritionist Karl Mincin


An intimate circle of Karl's patients & friends -- where personal meets economical

 In a small group setting you'll accomplish everything you would privately at HALF THE PRICE --  plus gain the experience and support of a select handful of like minded folks


Now booking February through June

Average 7 patient/participants per group (min 5 max 9)

Limited to only one group per month

These fill fast so sign on early
Call 360.336.2616 or email or use the Contact page tab above


Includes top 10 health issues + your own needs






Weight management/body composition


Diet assessment / nutrition evaluation

Supplement needs


Plus ________ your need considered for inclusion in this group


FORMAT is similar to private PHASE 1 video consultation modified in the following manner for this group setting

1st Visit  2 hours/$200.

Review of all body systems, diet & lifestyle  (Digestive, Exercise, Sleep, Energy, Immune, Gynecologic/Hormonal)

Karl presents must-know essentials of each body system including his most frequent proven advice and functional questions to address the most common health issue in 40 years of clinical practice followed by Q & A.  A functional question is about the person, not the diagnosis.

Virtual physical nutrition examination: Skin, Nails, Hair, Mouth, etc.

Preliminary recommendations provided on your one page Personal Nutrition Plan including practical how-to support follow up materials that help you implement these recommendations

Brief interim support via email or phone between scheduled visits is provided at no additional cost


2nd Visit  2 hours/$200  ( approx. 4 weeks later)

Progress reports – what’s working?  What’s not?  What do we need to modify?

Review of Hair Mineral Test results including proper & personalized functional interpretion

Update and finalize your Personal Nutrition Plan including dietary, supplement, lifestyle & any further instructions for at-home self testing/monitoring or laboratory testing recommendations


Call 360.336.2616 or email to book early and receive your health intake forms to be completed in advance of our first visit



After Phase 1, ongoing support is available as needed billed at $50./30 minutes as a group or $100./30 min privately. Recommended monthly

Hair mineral retesting is recommend 3 ~ 4 months after the first baseline test from 2nd visit.  The only to know which direction your tissue mineral levels have moved is by retesting.

See below for further details about all 3 Phases



Advanced small group consult

This option is for established patients who have completed at least Phase 1 privately or in a small group.

Continue to receive Karl's ongoing support, along with that of other hard working, like-minded patients, to maintain and advance your health improvement progress in a small group setting at half the cost of 1 on 1

These are scheduled on demand, as needed so please let your needs be known



Private consultation is currently still available but I am booking out four months

Regular hourly fee is $200.

See below for more about Karl's consulting and further details about all 3 Phases

Consultanting Clinical Nutritionist ~ Karl Mincin

Karl Mincin

MSc Human Nutrition
In Practice for 38 Years!


Nutritional Counseling and Consultation

Nutrition Resource offers both basic nutrition counseling for those who want to make dietary improvements as well as therapeutic nutritional support for specific health conditions. My specialty is nutrition assessment, the process of determining individual nutrient needs and metabolic balance.


Basic Nutrition Counseling

I offer both basic nutrition counseling for those who want to make dietary improvements, as well as therapeutic nutritional support for specific health conditions. My specialty is nutrition assessment, the process of determining individual nutrient needs and body chemistry balance. As a health professional, I contract to work individually with you on the goals you identify in our interview and evaluation process.


My recommendations for nutrition testing, changes in food selection and nutritional supplementation are based on a thorough assessment and developed according  to your input and at a commitment level of your choosing. Individuality is a primary principle guiding my nutrition work. No two people are alike in their specific nutritional needs nor in their ability to change eating patterns.


I will support your efforts by tailoring a nutrition plan that (1) is realistic for you to follow in terms of time, energy and financial commitment, (2) meets your specific nutritional needs and health concerns, and (3) is enjoyable, tasty, and sustainable - something you can LIVE with.


Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment

The following appointment schedule has proven effective for most individuals; It may be modified for your particular needs. Phase I only is sufficient to both establish your personal nutrition baseline, and to address specific health concerns.


Phase I - Assessment Work-Up & Personalized Nutrition Plan

The Initial visit consists of a thorough interview, review of completed Health Forms and Nutrition Questionnaire (provided), past medical records, and a nutrition examination. Recommendations for nutrition testing and any other modifications are made at this time. At the second visit approximately two weeks later, test results are explained against the backdrop of all of the other data collected at the initial visit. Karl offers his impression and provides a hand written summary of your personalized recommendations along with supportive handouts and educational aids. You have now established a baseline reference point which gives you more certainty about what's right for you now, and well into the future. Any follow-up beyond this point is optional, but highly recommended.


PHASE II Follow-Up & Modify Recommendations (4 and 8 weeks after Phase I)

This is a crucial phase in making successful and sustainable diet and lifestyle changes. Now that you've had a chance to live with the changes we've instituted it's important to evaluate what's working and what's not? Honesty is more important than perfection. If you can explain where you fell short, I can explain a modified approach that you'll find more successful. The visits in this phase are generally much shorter than in Phase I.


PHASE III Re-Evaluation & Fine-Tuning (4 & 12 weeks after Phase II)

At this point noticeable improvement should be observed. However, even though you may feel better on one level, it is imperative to be re-evaluated on all of the other levels originally assessed. Using the baseline established from your initial work-up, re-testing will provide a true and well rounded picture of your nutritional status. Then you will know that what you feel working is safely synchronized with all related body systems, having an overall beneficial effect.


No Quick Fix: Please remember that nutritional healing is relatively slow when compared to conventional medicine.It is best done within the context of ones total lifestyle.   While noticeable improvement may be felt in as little as a few days, it actually takes a few months for the full benefit of this new level of nourishment to be realized.



Telephone Consultations Available

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