Happy, and Now Healthier, Patients Say It Best...

I want to thank you for being so helpful to me in my journey toward better health.  It is clear that you truly care for your patients, and I appreciated that so much.  I know if the time comes again, I will call you first!  Thank you so much for helping meet to better understand and meet my individual nutrition needs.  ~  Rachel D

You are way better than my naturopath.  More thorough and educational. 

...I just want to say how much I appreciated your help. I honestly believe you're advice is the thing that is making me feel better slowly but surely. Thanks again Karl. David Y

I want to thank Karl and heartily endorse him as a great resource to anyone wanting to improve their life nutritionally.


Karl’s credentials, and more importantly 30 years of experience, is known around the community.  His knowledge and complete understanding of how foods, vitamins, minerals, herbs and homeopathy work together is outstanding.  He has the ability to trace habits and current levels of performance and systems and then to make solid recommendations.


For me what has been so rewarding has been to gain a friend and an ally that is available by phone and by email or in person to consult and bounce questions off of.  One must take control and charge of their research and dietary changes, but having a supporter and an expert to go to that can decipher the complex and recommend right and good limits is vital to anyone truly wanting the best for their bodies.  ~  Bill A.

I have had the opportunity to work with a number of specialists over the last couple of years due to many seemingly unrelated health issues, which has been at times exhausting, confusing, and discouraging. I have so appreciated working with Karl because I have been able to talk to one person and connect the dots for so many of these issues. Within a couple of months, I was able to get off the high dosage acid blockers I was using for digestive issues. Although I am still working through some lingering health concerns, I am not nearly as hopeless as I was when I started, because there is hope and encouragement on the other end of a phone call.  ~  Chandra M

I have grown to regard kindness from the professional field as a gift to be treasured.  Often this gift has helped me start again... to have hope that I can still rebuild my mind, soul and body to a fulfilling place. I took a serious look at my body this morning.  Boy, stress has taken it's toll, BUT I can make some changes to strengthen myself.  Going to Y today for a balance class.  I miss my slim..balanced self; Me working on saving myself..Robin..and sharing with you..because you deserve recognition for caring help.  ~  Robin H

It's time for me to come in for a follow-up on my nutrition goals and status. So I need to make an appointment with you either by phone or in the office. Also, I have been recommending you to some people in need of nutrition advice. I hope they are contacting you. It seems people know they need to change their diet but are hesitant to make the first step. But I know that you are the key to a healthier life and I hope these people will follow through on seeing you  Shelley V

Thank you so much for sending along the additional handouts and support material. I have started a notebook so everything will be close and easy to revisit. Our appointment was very informative and I came home feeling happy and mentally at peace about taking another step forward on my quest for good health. I sent off the hair test on Saturday so look for those results. It is exciting to be learning so much new and important information and I am looking forward to hearing your whole recommendation as we work together over these next few months Adele B

...I want to take a moment to express my gratefulness for your counsel in my own life. You are exceptional at what you do; and I so appreciate your manner of being, Karl.  ~  Janette B

Thank you so much for the dialog yesterday and sharing your expertise!!

I could feel my mind this morning willing to engage with the intermittent fasting. Game on!

Also, I feel today renewed with hope and empowerment!! Your knowledge and accountability for me is a boost of support. Thank you, Nancy C

Karl,  I would like an appointment to review the lab results and adjusting supplements etc; dosages & times to take.  It's perfect timing to tune up my plan for the 2nd half of the year.


BTW; 26 weeks into the weight challenge and down 26 lbs. Pretty happy maintaining the pound a week average and feeling sooooooooooooo much better for it.  ~ Bud  M

Karl,  I want to thank you for being such a great coach in my life.  I sometimes need that coaching to get me in a better direction.  I seem to get stuck in my ways and do not keep up with the aging factor. 

I am trying to get a good base line and work for improvement.  I want to do the most I can with a good and healthy diet and not with a lot of pills.  I do not like prescription drugs that are seen as the answer to all things.

I seem to ask too many questions but you are my coach and I am responsible to do it.  I need to understand things or I do not make changes.

I have found your information very useful and am using a lot of it.  I have spent many hours trying to figure out how much fiber I take and what I should do for example and you gave me more answers than I have found with the "Fiber Test " worksheet.  Just one example.


I think sometimes you get enough of me when we meet but I am looking for things that I understand, so I hope you understand.  I am not really difficult but I do have an interest and am responsible for myself.

 Again thanks for everything.  ~  Bob S

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I must say that I have enjoyed working with you. You are very informed and good at explaining what you know and I have learned a lot from you, for which I am grateful. I really appreciate all the information you sent me and have been experimenting with the food suggestions, with good results. I also get along well with the supplements still, and have found, through experimenting, that I still do need Ca for the muscle aches. It really makes a difference for me, in a very short time after taking some.  ~  Lori D