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Over 300 brands of professional grade formulas
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Let us save you time and money by doing the shopping for you,
with a heavy dose of experience & professionalism

Send us your shopping list, using this form   [ LINK HERE ], and we’ll provide at no cost:
~ Several different brand choices for your product category, including a cost comparison:

for a same-as or a better-than  brand at the same or a lower price.  We ship anywhere both nationally and internationally.  

~ Professional review and evaluation of all your supplements
       including a drug-nutrient-herb interactions profile.
~  A strategy & personalized recommendations for how to get MORE tailored nutrition from LESS pills and cost.

The same Review form above is also used for this purpose; no need to do anything more than ask for it. 


Don’t assume that professional quality products cost more. 
Comparison shop here as you would for anything.

[ LINK HERE ]   Advantages of purchasing supplements from a health professional. 

[ LINK ]   Nutrition Testing for Sensible Supplementation.    Since you wouldn’t add oil to your car without checking the dipstick, why take vitamin supplements without first knowing your actual body tissue nutrient levels?  If you want to take your supplementation to the next level, tailoring it to your actual need, read this.




Multi Vitamin Comparison Worksheet   [ LINK HERE ]

How complete is your multiple vitamin?  Most, even the most popular brands, are sorely lacking.

Compare your multiple, or one you are considering using, to Omnivite, a benchmark standard of comparison. 


As a quick pre-check, or if you wish not to complete the form, simply count the total number of ingredients (vitamins and minerals only*) listed on the Supplement Facts and compare to Omnivite:

Vitamins & Co-factors = 9 + 11 B’s = 20
     (NOTE: you should not need a separate B-Complex;
     a good quality multiple should contain within it, an adequate B-Complex.
    The B-Complex in Omnivite is more complete than most separate B-Complex formulas)

Minerals & Trace Minerals = 14
*Other body system-specific ingredients = 0  (see TIP below…)
TOTAL  =  34

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