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Omnivite  is a 34-ingredient, professional-quality multi vitamin.  While I rightly call it "incomparable," I strongly encourage you to compre it to any other multiple vitamin formula.  Start simply by counting the total number of ingredients (vitamins and minerals only); If it doesn't contain 34 or more, it is an infereior product.   For a more detailed, ingredient-by-ingredient evaluation of your multi, or one you are considering, use the Multiple VItamin Comparison Worksheet, provided here.  Although available with iron, iron-free is an important feature option for a multiple, since 80% of those properly tested do not need iron, and any excess, causes significant tissue and celluar damage (Please see  “Iron Supplementation: A Potential Health Hazard” in the Articles section).


We offer several other professional quality and unique OTC multi formulations in the form of powder, liquid, spray and pill.  Our primary goal is not to sell you one that we carry, but rather to find one that best meets your specific, complete and  individual nutrient needs.  To this end, we provide a professional nutritional assessment testing work-up to determine your current nutritional status as a basis for designing your personal vitamin profile, and then help you find a formula that best matches it.  If you wouldn't add oil to your cars engine without first checking the dipstick, why take a vitamin supplement (even a high-grade one) without first checking your existing body nutrient level.




Proto Clear

Flora Fiber A colonic tonic of gentle fibers and pro/pre-biotic colon food


Slippery Elm (bulk powder, tincture, capsules, lozenges) Soothing, well-tolerated fiber source; Heals mucous membrane tissue lining; Natural antacid; Calms intestinal tract

LB-8 HerbLax (Lower Bowel Tonic) Strengthens and tones musculature; Gentle laxative; Removes encrusted fecal matter; Preparatory for colon cleansing, liver support and parasite programs

Colon Cleanse Blend Psyllium, herb and clay formula.  Fiber source; Used in Detox Program

Liver Kidney HerBlend tincture. General liver and kidney support; A component of Detox Program

            ParAttack Encapsulated herbal formula effective against all seven stages of parasite infestation

Liver Support - Detox Program Kit These four items (LB-8, Colon Cleanse Blend, Liver-Kidney HerBlend, and Castor Oil Roll-On) with detailed instructions provide the most comprehensive, simple, and economical way to cleanse the whole body: colon, liver, lymphatic, blood, kidneys, tissues, skin.

            Inulin–FOS Pre-biotic feeds entire spectrum of healthy intestinal bacteria more complete than acidophilus

            Phytostan Broad spectrum natural anti-fungal for candida and other yeast infections

            IntestiCalm OR Robert’s Formula  Classic, proven herbal remedies for Irritable Bowel, Colitis, Diarrhea

Zypan Mild food concentrate source of pancreatic and HCL digestive enzymes. Promotes body’s own enzyme secretion to regain ability to digest, rather than developing dependence on digestive aid supplements indefinitely

Metex Liquid homeopathic for toxic mineral removal of Aluminum, Cadmium, Mercury, Arsenic, Lead, Copper



Congaplex Very effective cold & flu remedy.  Natural antibiotic; Immune system strengthener; Use low dose to fortify immunity and prevent infection, use high dose to treat acute infection, relieve symptoms, and shorten duration

Thymex The glandular extract powerhouse behind Congaplex; for more serious infections and allergies.  Also helpful for stubborn skin conditions.

Citricidal Professional (triple) strength grapefruit seed extract; Broad-spectrum natural antibiotic.

New Immune Five herbal tinctures blend to rise above Echinacea and Goldenseal; especially effective for sinus and upper respiratory infections.

Wild Cherry Extra Herbal Expectorant Fast-acting lung & bronchial formula; Good overall immune sup

Flu Immune Homeopathic liquid

Winter Wellness Lipospray Tasty raspberry, zinc, C, Echinacea, and Elderberry; preventive & therapeutic

Inulin-FOS Provides the bowel flora balance that are the intestinal roots of immune system health.  There is much truth to the statement that most all disease and infection begins in the colon



Aller-8 Fast-acting anti-histamine for allergy and hayfever, without drowsiness.  Relieves symptoms and, unlike over-the-counter allergy medicines, clears congestion so as not to set the stage for recurrent infection

Fenu-Com KB-7 Kidney bladder tonic to relieve irritation, frequency, infection, and mucous conditions systemically; Also helpful for sinus, bowel, and stress.

Custom Herbal Tonic Professional grade liquid tincture or encapsulated herb blend based on the results of a personalized Saliva Herb Test.  May be focused on one or two body systems, or modified to you specifications.  Consistently excellent results without the guesswork.  Natural flavor extracts available such as orange, lemon, vanilla, peppermint, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, licorice, or ginger.


            Green Power Barley Grass  Nutrient-dense, cleansing & detoxifying, and energy to boost!  Green is good

            Metabolic Energy  A new vitamin-mineral-herbal formula

            BaSeng Traditional oriental formula w/ Panax Ginseng, Gynostemmae and Fructus lycii

            Chroma Crystal Lean Herbal energizer and weight loss aid (Discontinued; Special order only.)

            Adrenal, Des Glandular extract guaranteed to lift energy levels and restore adrenal gland function

Stress & Energy Liquid       



            Anxiety & Min-Tran  Please request a copy of the article reprint: Nutrition & Stress

            Herbal Re-Leaf  (Spray) See below.

            Chocolate Addiction & Min-Tran  Please request a copy of the article reprint: Rescuing Chocolate Junkies

            True Calm Amino Acid relaxing formula w/ GABA recommended in The Diet Cure



            Oral Spray Vitamins

                        B-12 Absorbed as well as injectable B-12 with no needles and less cost

                        Re-Leaf (anxiety, insomnia, pain) Quickly takes off anxiety’s edge and nourishes the nervous system

                        Vitamist Multiple  Great for those with swallowing or absorption difficulty, or intolerance of vitamins

                        Slendermist Dietary snack replacement both for body chemistry balancing and behavior modification



            Formula 303 – Herbal-homeopathic natural relaxant and  anti-spasmodic.  Good for pain, insomnia, calming anxiety.

            FMS –Tonic Clinically proven, research-based herbal formulas may be or a customized according to results of saliva Herb Test

            ArthroEase Effective European liquid homeopathic

            Bone Calcium MCHA is the calcium of choice for incorporation into bone structure

            Liquid Glucosamine–Chondroitin–MSM  A well-rounded, faster-acting formula. Effective & economical

            Hydrolyzed Collagen  A liquid wellness formula for joint pain, obesity, and related conditions.

            P.S.I.   (Pain, Spasm, Inflammation) – Clinically proven vitamin-mineral-herbal combination



            ProCollagen  One-tablespoon at night achieves successful weight (fat) loss in 84% of users.  Builds muscle.

            Citrin (HCA) Safely improves fat and sugar metabolism while naturally reducing appetite. Article reprint available


            Slendermist (Dietary Snack Spray; Metabolism & Behavior Modification) Berry, Lemon-Lime, Mint, Fudge



            BSB Tonic Tasty herbal tonic regulates & normalizes blood sugar levels in both hypoglycemics and diabetics

            Glucose Metabolic Support Advanced formula Glucosol, Gymnema and co-factors for diabetics

            OmniBalance w/ Stevia Sweetener Chicory Inulin/FOS both for sugar substitute and beneficial flora

            Cravings & Min-Tran Please request a copy of the article reprint: Controlling Cravings

            Gymnema Numbs the sweet taste buds on tongue thereby creating a distaste for sweets. Also regulates blood sugar.

            Lipoic Acid High dose for diabetic neuropathy.  Broad-spectrum, systemic antioxidant (both water and fat-soluable)


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