Nutrient Deficiencies


Calcium deficiency causes fatigue, insomnia, growth and digestive problems, muscle cramping, nervousness, and irritability.
Chromium deficiency
is associated with hypoglycemia, diabetes, weight problems, muscle weakness, and high cholesterol levels.
Copper deficiency contributes to hormonal problems, fatigue, heart disease, and infertility.
Iron deficiency is a known cause of anemia, immune deficiency, fatigue, and anorexia.
Manganese deficiency causes pancreas and enzyme problems, and dull headaches.
Magnesium deficiency contributes to emotional instability, fatigue, diabetes,
cancer, heart and skin problems.
Molybdenum deficiency is a known cause of gout, obesity, and certain cancers.
Selenium deficiency leads to heart disease, immune deficiency, cancer and chemical allergies, growth impairment, and cataracts.
Zinc deficiency contributes to immune deficiency, hypothyroidism, Candida, skin,
hair and nail problems, and depression.

Aluminum contributes to nervous disorders, Alzheimer's disease, colic, and slurred speech.
Arsenic causes allergies, hair loss, and colic.
Cadmium contributes to blood pressure problems, emphysema, kidney problems, joint pain, prostate and other cancers.
Copper overexposure is a known cause of migraine, emotional problems including depression, hyperactivity and schizophrenia (histapenia type), and liver disease.
exposure causes learning problems, anemia, anxiety, emotional disturbances, nervousness, anorexia, anemia, headache, convulsions, hair loss, epilepsy, and anorexia.
Mercury causes nervous and digestive disorders, allergies, tremors, infertility, depression, psychosis, asthma, and ataxia.
Nickel causes allergies, skin problems such as dermatitis, dizziness, digestive disorders, cancer (especially lung cancer), apathy, and vertigo.

Karl J. Mincin is a clinical nutritionist who specializes in nutrition assessment, the process of evaluating individual nutrient needs. He operates Nutrition Resource, a specialty vitamin & herb store and professional consulting services. Karl may be reached at (360) 770-8486.